WARRIOR WOMEN was founded for the women that want to HAVE IT ALL unapologetically. WARRIOR WOMEN was designed for the woman that wants to thrive: balance with both her family and her business, to love the woman she sees in the mirror, and to impact the world for good.

We all have some kind of story and that story carries power.  There is a message inside each of us that can and will shape the lives of those we reach, but we hold back because of the other, negative stories we tell ourselves, minimizing what we have to offer.  We disqualify our contribution because of our limited beliefs. We shrink back and call it sacrifice.

There is a fire burning inside all of us.  That fire is designed to move us toward our deepest desires, our purpose.  What if Building a Brand Around What You Love was the vehicle to make that massive impact?  Making millions means millions MORE impacted.  Turning your ‘mess’ into your ‘message’ can inspire others, because people connect more through pain than anything else.  We often believe we aren’t worthy to build a brand centered around WHO WE ARE, yet we watch and engage with others who do…every single day.  Your pain can be your platform.  Your life experience is your expertise.  Your passions can be profitable. You are a CELEBRITY in the making because in today’s world, AUTHENTICITY and VULNERABILITY is what we all want.

WARRIOR WOMEN IN BUSINESS is a BATTLE PLAN to build the business and life you want.  As women, we must be armed with the awareness that the Marketplace is a War out there. There is no room for being a victim…not out there, and not here, with us.  We are here to get you ready for the Expansion of You and your business because whether you like it or not, you must be BATTLE READY.

To remain a viable producer in the Marketplace, new habits must be formed and old patterns and mindsets must die. Doing this alongside a group of women that hold you accountable to the vision you committed to is a key to succeeding. In 1997, Founder Dana Bryant found herself in the worst of circumstances, living out the consequences of abuse and addiction.  Dana was determined to overcome her circumstances and succeed, using her story to inspire women to understand that anything is possible and that any mess can be turned into a message that makes millions and impacts the world.

Dana has won 3 Special Recognition Awards from the United States Congress for her inspiring work with women.  Her story has created a Social Enterprise Empire.  Now, Dana is obsessed with training women to do exactly what she has done because every women is capable of building an empire that transforms lives.

Yes, building the Brand of You Around What You Love might be challenging at times, but not living out your dreams is HARDER.

It’s time to stop lying to yourself or making excuses.  You are reading these words because you have a burning desire…we get it.

Let us take you there.